The Texas Panhandle War Memorial Center honors the efforts and sacrifice of veterans across the region, providing a place for reflection and healing. The Center also serves as an educational center for area youth, teaching the history of the wars the U.S. has fought beginning with the Revolutionary War. Interactive displays highlight wars and conflicts in which U.S. servicemen and women have served and fought.


Veteran Navigators: The Texas Panhandle War Memorial Center is the front door for all Veteran referrals in the Texas Panhandle. The Navigators know the resources available to Veterans and family members and help Veterans and their family members by making referrals to meet their needs. Transportation is provided if needed. Navigators follow up with veterans or family members after referrals to ensure that appointments were kept and that the help was appropriate.

We have a collaborative effort with the Center for Brain Health from the University of Texas Medical School in Dallas. The Brain Heath Center sends a team to Amarillo twice per year for 2 to 3 days per visit to provide interactive brain training programs to help enhance cognitive performance and put into practice habits that can help exploit your brain’s untapped potential and other brain-related training for our Veterans and their families. Come join the next session and let experts show you how to use your brain better! This service is free for veterans.


Navigators and staff hold meetings with business partners and others to explore job opportunities for veterans and eliminate barriers to veteran employment.


Memorial Ceremonies: The War Memorial Center continues to host ceremonies honoring veterans and their families throughout the year during veteran-related holidays and other special military events. Please check our website for dates and times.


Military Chapel: We have the only military chapel in the Texas Panhandle. The chapel is used for nondenominational services, funerals, memorials, and weddings, and it is also used as a classroom. The chapel seats approximately 55 people comfortably and has a piano, organ and a podium.  It has a private room adjacent to it for brides and families. There is a foyer available for people to gather in front of the entrance of the chapel.


Education Center: The Education Center offers a unique learning environment for everyone. It is extremely high tech, interactive learning with five computer kiosks, three video presentations, moving and static images, and oral histories. The Education Center interactive learning allows visitors to select from one of 11 U. S. wars from the Revolutionary War to Afghanistan. The Education Center walls can be raised allowing it to be opened to the reception area for large meetings, receptions, and other gatherings.


The Education Center is an unparalleled teaching resource for students studying U.S. history. It is available to homeschooled students, private school classes, and public schools across the Texas Panhandle. This is the only Education Center that provides learning opportunities about 11 U.S. wars and conflicts, rather than concentrating on only one. Here you can learn as you watch Panhandle residents share their experiences in World War II and Vietnam; and you can study the video presentation of maps of the wars showing the countries involved and locations of major battles while learning a little geography in the process.


Reception Area: Walk in the main doors to the Reception Area where you will be welcomed by our staff who can lead you to the Education Center, Gift Shop, offices, or Veteran Navigators. The Reception Area is the entrance to our military artifact displays. See a collection of valuable minted and signed detailed replicas of WWII ships, planes, tanks, and other historically significant items. Visit our Medal of Honor exhibit and learn the history of Panhandle residents who were the recipients of the Medal of Honor, and discover the only battle in U.S. military history in which every Soldier was awarded the Medal of Honor – right here in the Panhandle! The USS Arizona exhibit is just across the hall displaying a large photo of the entire crew and a piece of the battleship hull.


Gift Shop: Visit our gift shop that offers posters, hats, tee-shirts, coffee cups, pins, children’s toys, and many other memorabilia items.


Conference Room: Plan your next business or group meeting in one of our two conference rooms that seats up to 12. Plan a business retreat and visit our Education Center during your breaks.


Offices: There are eight large offices on the main floor. The 5,000 square foot basement has seven offices (available for rent to businesses or individuals), a large (seats 12) and small conference room, reception area, plus additional military artifact and displays. Accessible by elevator or stairs.


Bus Tours: Traveling Bus tours of the War Memorial grounds, and the Texas Panhandle War Memorial Center continue to grow. We are becoming one of the best places to visit on Route 66.


WOWW: Windows on a Wider World is helping with our outreach program for the Texas Panhandle region. We are presenting educational programs honoring and remembering our veterans.


Friends of Texas Panhandle War Memorial: Supporters of the War Memorial, functioning as guilds, are helping raise money by sponsoring events and having membership opportunities available.  Join now…a great opportunity to let our veterans know how much you appreciate what they have and will do for our Country! 


War Memorial Park: Visit our beautiful park, monuments, and flags dedicated to honor all our military personnel. Memorial monuments describe nine wars from the Spanish-American War through Afghanistan. The name of every Panhandle military member from the 26 counties who died in combat during those wars is engraved on monuments associated with that war. The names of over 1,550 such Panhandle residents are inscribed on the memorials.


Walk next to an F-100 Super Saber jet, the first production supersonic fighter/bomber in our Air Force inventory. Stand next to a Huey Helicopter, the workhorse of the Vietnam War. 




USS ARIZONA: A large piece of the side and deck of the USS Arizona which was bombed and sunk during the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor has been provided as an outdoor exhibit which is encased in Plexiglas for easy viewing and protection from the environment. It is a magnificent addition for teaching and will be placed between the F/100 and the Huey Helicopter for presenting many differences of war on land, air, and sea but all for our country’s safety and independence.